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Create now your account and get started with 3 days of Vip Silver!!

Reset Level: 350

Points per Reset: 300


Enjoy! laugh

We would like to announce that our new server 1.02n season 2.5 is now running.


Version: 1.02N Season 2.5 Premium
Exp: 100x
Drop: 30%
Bug Bless: Off
Monster HP: 100%
Points per Reset Player Free: 150
Points per Reset Player Vip: 300
Reset Level Player Free: 400
Reset Level Player Vip: 350

/reset & /pkclear

Server PREMIUM 100% Original


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VersionSeason 2.5
Total Accounts132
Total Characters214
Total Guilds12
Online Users1

Castle Siege

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Castle Siege Battle
2 days 10 hours

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kraLLLord Emperor400
ZeRoLord Emperor400
TaiwanLord Emperor400
testes22Blade Master400
SCristaLGrand Master400